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Actually there are many variants of LG G3 such as korean , LTE-A etc. But the good news is no big difference in hardware means all versions of LG G3 supports OTG cable connectivity and it's fully compatible.

OTG means On The Go connectivity , just plus and play , there is no need of driver.

It's possible to couple your smartphone or tablet with peripheral devices, such as a mouse or a keyboard, which you can then use to control it. There are some restrictions – for example, gaming mice with a billion buttons might not be fully compatible – but for the most part, the basic operations are enabled. This means it's easy to turn a tablet into a laptop by sticking an external keyboard into it.

• Next question might be , where to get USB OTB cable?

The purpose of this upload was to verify that LG G3 has OTG support without any issue.

You can use almost any device with OTG that doesn't need driver installation e.g Digital camera, usb game pad , memory card reader , external hard drive etc.

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Hi ,
      How To Use 4G on 3G Phones, 4G is  very advance technology but ! most of the mobile are not supporting 4G LTE and which support are very expensive to buy so here is video guide to use 4g on 3g phone.
                               Actually 4G/LTE has high spectrum frequency e,g 1800mhz so it depends upon your phone's hardware that it picks it or not. If a hardware does not support 4G/LTE so you can not alter it , not possible but with MBB devices you can use 4g on 3g phone.

You can use 4G/3G/2G in single mobile device. We are converting 4G into 3G mobile data Wifi signals, it supports upto 150 MBPS. 

How it works?
Get a 4G sim and this Mobile Broadband Wifi device. Insert 4g sim in this MBB device and it will convert it Wifi signals.

This device can be locked or unlocked so always get the unlocked version. Here are some links if you wanna buy it!

Link 1 :

Link 2:

now you can easily use 4g on 3g phone even if you do not have 4G expensive phone! You will get amazingly fast data connectivity in just 25$ ! So grab one device now!

[Update] Battery time of this device is 6 to 8 hours , it also gives you sms feature and be sure to check your supported frequency on device cause different countries have different 4G/LTE frequencies.
If you connect usb port to laptop to pc so you can also get internet on it. Its 4G LTE /3G and 2G fall back options. There many devices which has portable mobile hotspot feature so any questions so comment below.

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Here is the latest Review of Android Applications , these Apps are best.
             Really, If you own android phone so its essential to have these apps. Are you Student / professional ? these apps will help you everywhere .
I personally use all of the apps in my university and many of my professors.
Will not waste time , here is the list with Download links.

1- Google Chrome

2- Dropbox

3- Google Drive

4- Earth

5- SMS-Backup

6- SpeedTest

7- SoundCloud

8- Foodpanda


10- Whatsapp



13- Retrica

14- AppLock

15- Adobe Reader

16-Yahoo Mail

17- Zedge

18- MX-Player

19- Shazam

20- Facebook

21- TubeMate

22- Super- VPN

23- Viber

24- Goggles

25- MEGA

26- BBC News

27- Office Mobile

28- PicsArt

29- Dolphin Browser

30- Go Launcher

31- Utorrent

32- Line

33- Instagram

34- Photoshop

Tips :

1- Picsart is very famous but Photowonder is equal or better because of its One Click Beauty option , its based upon real editing not effects.

2- Google Drive , Dropbox , MEGA are best cloud storage options for Android , allows you to choose automatic uploads too.

3- Facebook / Skype / Viber are common apps , i hope you already know about them.

4- Tubemate is one of best YouTube Downloader

5-Dolphin / Chrome browsers are smooth , Mozilla Firefox and Opera Mini are also good options.

5- Do not use apps like Battery Savers , Task Killers etc . They are nothing more than fraud . The best way is to uninstall useless apps and remove unnecessary widgets.

Note :
Download them all , these apps work on all sort of Android phones few of them are available for iPhone too.
I personally tested these apps on :
Samsung Galaxy S5 (I9500/I9505)
Samsung Galaxy S4 (Kitkat)
Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Sony Xperia Z
Sony Xperia Z1
Samsung Galaxy Music
Samsung Galaxy Core 2
Qmobile Noir i5
Qmobile Noir i9
HTC Desire HD

Works like a charm on all of them.
All suggestions are welcome , i will try to make the reviews easy and simple enough so everyone can easily understand.
If you have any app that i missed so comment below.

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Here is the video tutorial on how to unlock you Galaxy S4 , S3 , S2 , S5 , Note 3 , Note 4 and many others!
This application was made for Samsung galaxy Note 3 but also works for many other devices , i'm using S4 I9500 in the video for demonstration ( tested on S4 i9505 16GB ).

Link for the application :

I have already unlocked my galaxy s4 so you just need to be rooted any grant super user permissions when it asks , your phone will reboot and its done! Enjoy calls , messages and free carrier 8)


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Samsung Galaxy S5 has awesome option of Download booster than merges 4g LTE and WIFI to get amazing download speed, now here is the way that you can get this awesome feature on any smart phone for free , Samsung Galaxy S4 , S3 , S2 , S1 , any android device works with 3G capability.

Tested on Xperia Z1 , Xperia Z2 , Galaxy S4 , Qmobile A10 , Qmobile i9 , Galaxy S3 LTE , Galaxy Note 4 , Note 3 Neo , Nokia X , Nokia X plus and LG G3.

Just make sure your phone is rooted.

Enjoy the video and subscribe must!

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